Saturday, August 29, 2009

Resolving versus Finishing

When I have resolved all the issues that bother me in a painting I am done. Note I say that “I am done”, not that the painting is finished.

As my artistic vision has matured I have come to the understanding that including too many well defined details makes for a boring work of art. I like each work to have an air of mystery and intrigue which invites the viewers involvement.

I liken this idea to the reading of a novel versus seeing the movie version of the same story. The reader of a story is required to be an active participant using their imagination to interpret what is suggested. The movie version of the same tale has been interpreted by the director so the viewer is just that, a viewer, not a participant.

So, as I continue to resolve my “art issues” I invite you to use your imagination as well. My hope is that you not tire of a work and call it done, that instead you will be drawn back to it and into it again and again. Each time adding a new twist to the story which is now yours to tell.