Sunday, August 02, 2009



The University of Kansas has chosen to feature my painting AT THE TOP OF THE HILL on the cover of the 2009-10 KU Directory. VERY COOL OF YOU - KU!


Anonymous said...

Deb, this is awesome!
Can't wait to get my new directory, then I can have your art on my desk every day!
Deb at the KGS

Tammicox said...

Hello Debra,

I am on a quest to get a piece of KU history through a painting for my boyfriend who is a grad of the school. Your work has caught my eye...especially the At The Top of The Hill. I'm looking for something that doesn't scream KU to a non KU person.....your art seems to be the type that you had to be there to know what it is. Is there a way that I could possibly get this before Christmas 2011? I saw it on the alumni silent auction site from 2010. Thank you.