Saturday, August 01, 2009



"While I recognize the necessity for a basis of observed reality - true art lies in a reality that is felt" Odilon Redon (1840-1916)


Mr. Odilon Redon

37 Heavens Gate, Cloud Nine


August 1, 2009

Dear Mr. Redon,

Good evening kind sir. Though we have never met and as I was just introduced to your thoughts a few short minutes ago I feel as if we are soul mates. Kindred spirits for sure.

Your words quicken my soul. You know my heart. Do you read minds? No wait, your mind came before mine right? Maybe not, perhaps it’s part of THE GRAND PLAN that we are all of ONE MIND.

Whatever it is sir, I want you to know you that speak my truth. Though the work we have each created is our own, the driving force is the same.

Nice to meet you. Yes, it’s very nice to meet you. -

Your Souls Mate, -

Debra Clemente



Beatrice 1885 (180 Kb); Pastel over charcoal

I await joyous surprises while working, an awakening of the materials that I work with and that my spirit develops.
The Artist submits from day to day to the fatal rhythm of the impulses of the universal world which encloses him, continual centre of sensations, always pliant, hypnotized by the marvels of nature which he loves, he scrutinizes. His eyes, like his soul, are in perpetual communion with the most fortuitous of phenomena.
Artists who approach perfection do not have many ideas.
It is precisely from the regret left by the imperfect work that the next one can be born.
I have often, as an exercise and as a sustenance, painted before an object down to the smallest accidents of its visual appearance. But the day left me sad and with an unsatiated thirst. The next day I let the other source run, that of imagination through the recollection of the forms and I was then reassured and appeased.
A title is justified only when it is vague and even aims confusedly at the elliptical. My drawings inspire, and are not to be defined. They determine nothing. They place us, as does music, in the ambiguous realm of the undetermined. They are a kind of metaphor...
* Odilon Redon (1840-1916)
Serious art collectors take note. Considering that Odilon Redon and Debra Clemente have companion artist souls and have both revealed remarkable powers as a colorists and that Redon’s work continues to garner much attention and value (see Christies Auction listing) it is certain that Debra Clemente’s work will follow a similar rise in notoriety and value.