Monday, April 06, 2009

fun to look at

That’s what I decided today. Everyone of my paintings should be fun to look at. Looking back I believe most of them are, but today I proclaimed

fun to look at

to be a necessary ingredient of every Debra Clemente work of art.

That proclamation made out loud in my studio before God and two my cats, immediately changed the direction of an iris painting that I have been dancing with for two months. Two months? Yep, on and off. I can’t let it go. I keep thinking I almost have what I want then look back at it a few days later and I’m dissatisfied. In a short time I’ve worked back over every inch of the canvas (it has occurred to me I should charge for my paintings by weight – as this old gal is getting pretty heavy with layers of oil paint).

Well anyway, the news is that working with that insight breathed new life (a.k.a. fresh –vibrant -unexpected color) to the iris portrait. Yes, I really think she might be about done.