Sunday, April 05, 2009

Look here

 Look here. Right here. EXCITING ISN’T IT? A little longer, l o n g e r .  Now notice over here, uh huh, pause a bit . . . then look up. Up here. I said UP HERE! Yes, that’s the way. No keep looking here. Yes, I know that’s interesting but let’s enjoy this part first, we’ll look at that later.”


I’m assuming we’re both in agreement that my yapping and pointing as you approach my work would be totally annoying. My mother taught me better manners than that and my Dad taught me to always have a few tricks up my sleeve. So I will trick you, a little hocus-pocus.

I will direct your eye to exactly where I want it go first. Then draw your attention up the canvas where you will want to pause for a millisecond before your eyes are pulled diagonally down to the right. Continuing to scan the painting you’re drawn in. Stepping closer, then closer as the painting begins reveals it’s self anew. A symphony of brilliant color textures the surface. Surprising and seemingly random, yet delightful the layered and mingled hues taunt you touch them, but as you extend your hand forward your body is pulled back to start. Where you once again rescan the entire image with a new eye and …

I said it was a trick didn’t I. A trick of the trade. I just might give you a few clues sometime soon but I’ve got more painting to do now. I make my living as an artist not a writer after all.

Later Gator - Artistdeb